CHECK NOT CLEARED? If your check for 2017 fees ($15 or $20 has not cleared, be aware that we seem to be

                 having trouble with mail delivery. You should contact Jackie Morrissey at the NYSUT office at

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VOTE/COPE & NYSUT IN ACTION: Due to your support of Vote/Cope and NYSUT, the Governor, under pressure from our lobby has CHANGED his position on Common Core, and will support reducing the amount of student testing, the use of such tests, and support not using student achievement as a significant benchmark in teacher evaluation. In D.C, it appears that there will be a delay in use of the "cadillac tax" which could significantly and negatively impact medical plans and welfare funds. IF YOU HAVEN'T SUPPORTED VOTE/COPE in the past, now is a great time to contribute via NYSUT or better yet, deduct monthly from your pension payment,via the NYSTRS.


REACT COMMITTEE: Uses contributions to produce boxes of school supplies for children in public schools that have severe shortages of supplies, and gives these as gifts to young children in elementary grades. This year the schools are two in Yonkers Public Schools: Fermi and King Elem. You may contribute to the work of this committee by send a check, made out to NYSUT RETIREES, with a notation in lower left of check for REACT Committee. Send to NYSUT, 520 White Plains Road, Tarrytown, NY 10591, c/o Roni O'Connor  


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2015, $1500 Scholarship Winners:

Samantha McKee, of Ossining High School, will be attending Dutchess Community College to study education.

Sydea Ali, of Elmsford High School, will be attending Manhattanville College to study education.

These scholarships are presented on behalf of the Westchester/Putnam retired teachers in NYSUT. We thank all who contributed to help provide these awards.






ATTACKS ON TEACHER RIGHTS ARE A CONTINUING BATTLE WE MUST WIN, AND YOU HAVE A ROLE! (First understand the issues, then spread the word)

* The TRIBOROUGH DECISION: Boards, Corporate interests and hedge fund millionaires want to emasculate our contract rights. One way is to "gut" the Triborough Decision which protects YOUR contractual rights. A little history may help: In 1967, the State passed the Taylor Law which gave us collective bargaining rights we did not have previously. To "level" the playing field in bargaining, the State prohibited strikes by public employees, BUT, unfortunately they left in place a fatal provision that permitted management, if negotiations stalled, to unilaterally impose a settlement without regard to existing contract language, which meant that all existing contract provisions had to be renegotiated from the "old" contract.

 This gave employers great incentive to prolong negotiations and ultimately destroy the contract. In the 1970's, this actually happened in New York City. Negotiations had been going on between the Triborough Bridge & Tunnel Authority and the union. After a time, the Authority declared, unilaterally, that they would no longer pay salary increments currently in the contract, at the end of the contract term. The union filed an improper practice charge with PERB, and PERB ruled unanimously in favor of the union, meaning that all terms of a contract remain in force until a mutually agreed upon settlement is reached. This became known as the Triborough Decision. In 1982 it was enacted into law as part of the Taylor Law.

 This leveled the playing field in bargaining, AND MUST BE PRESERVED, if we want to keep our bargaining rights. Unfortunately, many new and young teachers DO NOT understand that their rights and benefits in their contract could be lost by a change in the law. That's why we need to support legislators who understand teacher rights and will uphold the Decision against attacks from outside groups. You can help by supporting such candidates, AND, by talking with in-service teachers about how their benefits came about and how they could be lost without their understanding what role they have in preserving them



* Please write a separate check for these contributions.

*DO NOT make the check payable to REACT or Scholarship Fund, BUT do make it payable to NYSUT Retirees-Westchester-Putnam AND indicate in  memo area of check what this contribution is for: i.e. REACT or Scholarship Fund



At a recent meeting with Mirkin & Gordon, attorneys for many welfare & legal funds, a discussion was held regarding what legal matters any citizen, but especially seniors, should have taken care of to protect their independent wishes and desires should some unforseen event occur which may incapacitate them and prevent them (YOU), from communicating your wishes in such circumstances. These include:

*HAVE A WILL! If you don't; the state will determine the disposal of your estate, rather than YOU!

*EXECUTE A POWER OF ATTORNEY! This allows you to determine WHO will handle your financial affairs in the case you become disabled and cannot manage them. This power of attorney is a document by which one person (you),  appoints another to carry on certain of your affairs as specified by you, in the event of your inability to carry on, due to events like a stroke, altsheimers, etc.

*APPOINT A HEALTH CARE PROXY! This allows you to designate a trusted family member or other, make "any and all health care decisions on your behalf." This is useful in cases where your medical situation may preclude you from making decisions concerning options affecting your health care. It can and  should be "modified" by the following needed document.

*HAVE A LIVING WILL!  This is a legal document in which a competent adult (YOU), can state your wishes regarding future health care. It usually concerns feeling and desires concerning withholding or withdrawing life sustaining treatments that may prolong the process of dying. YOU specify which procedures you may want or not want. This assists your health care proxy in making health decisions based on YOUR expressed wishes.

*UPDATE AND CHECK YOUR LISTED BENEFICIARIES! Circumstances change; a beneficiary may have passed away; changing circumstances with children etc. may have changed and need to be updated. Remember, beneficiaries may exist on insurance policies, your pension, your TSA's, 401K,s; IRA,s, home ownership!

OF COURSE, YOU SHOULD CONSULT AN ATTORNEY BEFORE PRODUCING SUCH DOCUMENTS. Many of you may have legal services through your union welfare funds and should check with your local.

AND PERHAPS, MOST IMPORTANT: MAKE A LIST OF YOUR DOCUMENTS AND THEIR LOCATION!  In the event of your incapacity your designees must know where the following are located:


With these important procedures you will be assured that your wishes will be followed as you dictated!

PROTECT YOUR OWN PENSION, DISTRICT MEDICAL, MEDICARE: As they say "No man is an island." You, alone, are that island; you, we, all need to have a group with similar concerns to represent our common interests in the local, county, state and federal government levels. We, in the NYSUT Retirees-West/Put., are your "group" and we work tirelessly to protect your, and our interests. BUT, we can't do this alone; we need you and other retirees in our area to join us, support us with your membership to enable us to continue to support our common interests. It's so easy and reasonable to join us, one check for $10 will make you a full supporting member, enable you to meet with us to express your concerns and needs, to meet with other retirees, to join in social, educational and travel events. Click on "MEMBERSHIP" and see how you can join us and help yourself in the process.


NOT RECEIVING OUR MAILINGS? If you do not receive mailings from NYSUT and our retiree council newsletter "Senior Class,"  it may be that your membership status was not changed in Albany from "active" to "retiree." Sometimes locals forget to change the codes in their membership reports. You should contact NYSUT HEADQUARTERS in ALBANY at 800-342-9810, ask for MEMBERSHIP RECORDS, and change your recorded status. You should then begin receiving all retiree news.


1. Donique Ramsay, from the Yonkers Public Schools, who will attend University of Buffalo

2. Israel Maron, from the White Plains Public Schools, who will attend Hofstra University